How It work?

How does the Mynat Mat work?


Here’s your body’s natural response when you lay down on the Mynat Mat:

10-20 seconds: The Mynat Mat stimulate your blood to move to the back.

2-4 mins: Your body will be invaded by a soft warmth and the sensations of "sting" will diminish.

6-10 mins: Physiological response from your body that ease stress and soothe tension.

10-20 mins: The physiological response helps support relaxation in muscles, tension relief, and leaving you feeling blissed out.


At this point, your session is over and the benefits of your Mynat Mat will be felt


What are the results?

Promotes quality sleep

One of the best known advantages of using the acupressure mat is a good quality sleep. Researchers have shown that our bodies need quality sleep to function well every day. A relaxing and soothing acupressure massage on the mat helps your body to relax and loosen your nerves, while improving blood circulation in the body, which helps you sleep well.

Relieves headaches and pain

The use of acupressure mats can also help relieve headaches, aches and pains and other related problems such as migraine, back pain and more.

  Reduces and fights depression and anxiety levels

Acupressure mats have been designed to bring consolation to users to help them balance their stress and the demands of daily life, helping to relieve all forms of depression and anxiety symptoms. The mat is not magic, but it does help reduce the level of depression by triggering endorphins to make you feel better and more confident. They have also been shown to be helpful in relieving inflammation and heartburn.

Relieves menopausal and PMS symptoms

The use of acupressure mats in women with PMS symptoms such as insomnia, sadness, fatigue, irritability, bloating, mood swings and headaches during their PMS has been studied for its effectiveness in relieving these symptoms. Acupressure mats can also alleviate or even resolve menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, knee pain and depression.

Restless Legs Syndrome

It's a kind of neurological disorder that can cause sleep disturbances due to strange sensations such as pounding and a tendency to move your legs. The acupressure mat helps to solve this problem. It exerts pressure on the associated meridians in the body to promote a regular blood supply to the nerves and ensure healthy, flexible legs.